Construction Help

You picked me up in your truck and drove me to your rental. The renters had moved out and you had some fixing up to do before the new ones move in. I had no idea what you had in mind so I did as I was told....thinking I should definitely dress as a hot construction girl. I wore my skinny jeans with the holes in the knees and a soft thin T-shirt that you could see my nipples poking through. I even had my own little leather tool belt. 

When we got there to my disappointment you actually did put me to work. We fixed things around the house. Every once in a while you would undress me with your eyes or come over to me and look like you were going to take me right there...but you'd give me a peck in the cheek or graze my ass with your hand and then kept working. 

I never complained we were actually having a good time. But the whole time I'm thinking...hmmm, I've been banging the wrong things all day. 

At one point we were hungry so I ran out to pick us up some lunch. We chatted and ate our lunch. You commented that I was a pretty good little construction chick... "we need to fix one more thingand we'll be done. Can you go get the hammer and box of nails out of the kitchen and meet me in the bedroom?" 
"Sure, I'll be right back" I said. 
When I walk back to the bedroom you had hidden behind the door. You shut it quietly behind me. Before I can turn you run one hand slowly up my spine into the back of my hair and the other around my waist towards my inner thigh. You pull me into you and I sigh to myself (oh yes!) as you pull my head back with a tug of my hair. The items in my hands clatter to the floor as I sink into your grasp. 
The warmth of your breath moves up my neck as you kiss below my ear enticing me. Your hand at my thigh moves up and under my pants pushing my panties aside. 
You spread my legs with your knee and hand between my thighs. I feel your fingers run down both sides of my wet sex, back up over my clit. 
You keep your hand in my hair and whisper in my ear ..." Do you want me to play with your pretty little pussy?"
I bite my lip and respond teasingly "I don't know if we should there's a lot of work to do."
You slide your fingers back down the sides of my pussy lips and back up again stopping before my button. I moan as I begin to feel your cock grow with excitement. 

"I guess if you don't want it..." You say with a smirk. You trail you fingers slowly above my slit, up my side and give my breast a firm caress. You release my hair and slide your hand out of my shirt. 
"Oh no...I do want !!" I said louder than I intended. "I want you to take me now" 
I go to turn...then you say...."take off your clothes ....slowly"

I slid slowly out of my pants...swaying my ass in front of you as I shimmy them off. I lift my shirt little by little over my head. You turn on some music and I take this as my que to give you a little lap dance. I bend over so you can see my pussy as I take off my string thong.I move myself backwards into you. I can feel you through your pants. You grab my waist as I move my hand down your thigh. I twirl around to face you and tear off your shirt. I lean into you barely skimming my nipples against your body. Your belt is the next to go...I slip it out of your belt loops but you snatch it out of my hands. I bend over daring you to use it. You smack me with it leaving pleasure and pain. I gasp then take off your pants and boxers revealing your magnificent manhood. 
I feel you put your hand on my run your hand over my ass, cheek to cheek and then in between my thighs. I feel your fingers around my pussy...tease my clit up and back. You slide a finger in to see how wet I am. I moan as you pull it out and circle my clit. You repeat over and over. My moans get louder as I get closer to climax. 
"Cum for me" you say 
"I am!" You slide in two fingers while your thumb caresses my button. I arch my back while your fingers hit my happy spot. I cry out my body shaking in waves and cum over and over. 

Your fingers slide out and you have me taste them. I can feel the head of your cock against my lips, slowly sliding in, just the head. In and all the way out ...I want more and you know it. You thrust hard one time deep inside and then back out just the tip. "Please , I want you to fill me!"
"Not until you cum again" you reply.Your command gets me wetter as I moan and start to come again squeezing my tight pussy on your throbbing cock. 
"Good girl" you smirk " now you can have it all"as you thrust deep inside me. 
I cry out happily smiling as you thrust in and out hard and fast. I cum immediately. You pull out and move me to sitting on top of you. I slide down onto your rock hard shaft. Your hands go under my ass as you pick me up and slam me into the wall. You pound me while standing there. "Oh my god!" You fuck me deep and hard...I cum again. Milking your cock with my pink pussy till you can't take it and burst....euphoria washing over you.
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